My name is Jeremy Melloul and I’m the founder of MOLT. Like a lot of us, I’ve been through some pretty intense and challenging times in my life. Reflecting back, I realized I wasn’t living my purpose. I was addicted to heroin, lacking a support network and not living my dreams. But then I got clean and sober – a massive transformation that has influenced every aspect of my life, and inspired me to start MOLT.

Everyday I would look in my closet and could never find a t-shirt I wanted to wear, so I decided to design my own. I knew there would be more than t-shirts, but I wanted to start there. 

Clothes are our exterior – they represent who we are, and I wanted to drape myself from head to toe in clothes that I designed, clothes that I feel good in when I walk out the door. The way I dress isn’t complicated. It shouldn’t be this hard to find basics that don’t look like you’re going to do laundry or you just walked off a ranch – but it’s damn hard.

 The basics of what we wear are so important. I couldn’t find basics I wanted to wear, so that’s why I created MOLT: everyday basics with an edge. 


MOLT focuses on basics for the not so basic, made from exceptional fabric. And we’re not just a clothing company – we’re a way of life.