What is the perfect T-shirt?

What is the perfect T-shirt?

What is the Perfect T-Shirt? Let’s Find Out!

Is there such a thing as the perfect T-shirt? We think there is, and we want to explain to you why it’s important to find it! A T-shirt is an essential part of every wardrobe. It’s a garment that can be worn casually with your favorite jeans, or beneath a suit jacket, but there are certain factors you need to think about when choosing your T-shirt. 

This may be a casual item but it’s far from a casual choice, as there are some beautifully made examples that stand out in the crowd. Take MOLT, for example, a brand that focuses on a simple range with limited choice but stunning quality. They, like many of the competition, understand what makes a great T-shirt, so let’s consider the factors involved. 

Consider the Cut and Fit

The ‘one size fits all’ designs adopted by many T-shirt manufacturers simply doesn’t work. We are different heights, shapes, and statures, and we need to be able to pick a shirt that actually looks good when worn and is tailored to fit. This means a hem that is not straight, but lightly curved.

The effect of a curved hem is the look of a genuinely tailored tee. A good T-shirt maker will also ensure that they offer a choice of sizes, geared towards individuals of different sizes and shapes. The result is a T-shirt that is cut above the usual cheap offerings, and that is genuinely fashionable and stylish. Next, we want to look at another factor that influences how a T-shirt looks and feels.

Finding the Perfect Collar 

The collar of a T-shirt should complement the hem and the fit and should be loose enough to be comfortable yet fitted to a certain degree. You need room to breathe, and the neck opening should be carefully considered in this respect. Quality T-shirts will instantly stand out in this respect, and will keep the shape of the collar, hem, and body when washed – which brings us to our next important factor – the fabric, and its behavior when washing.

Quality Fabric and Easy Wash

Quality T-shirts will always be cotton. MOLT, whom we mentioned before, uses only the best ‘Japanese Cotton Slub’ which is a woven and textured 100% cotton material that is breathable, soft, and of obvious quality. The advantage of the material is that it will improve with wearing: the more you wear it, the more ‘you’ it becomes.

But, there’s more! MOLT also offers a classic T-shirt that replicates the vintage style of the 1950’s. The 1950’s T uses cotton that is specially made to replicate that of 50’s shirts, plus has a vintage cut and fit that looks cool and stylish worn with your favorite classic jeans. 

So, from the above we can conclude that the perfect T-shirt is one made from cotton, that has a curved and tailored hem, and that has a collar opening that is comfortable yet fitted. It is also one that will settle to size when worn. Can we also add that it should be white? That is just our opinion, but the choice is yours!